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Health Fair Companies. A List of Serviced-Based Planning Companies

Health Fair Companies. A List of Serviced-Based Planning Companies

Posted on Tuesday February 28 2017

For any HR managers and benefits professionals that prefer to use serviced based heath fair companies for planning health fairs, we put together a list of companies as a resource.

However, if you want to try a modern experience when it's time to plan your health fair - you should check out Health Fair Connections' (HFC) platform. Here's a blog post that breaks down how HFC's platform can automate 95% of the planning process and can save you 40 - 60 hours of planning headaches: You Need To See This: The First Ever, Health Fair Planning Tool

Multiple groups have said using HFC is like "online shopping for health fair vendors."

But without further ado, below is a list of 3rd -party service based health fair planning companies:

There is probably 50 more companies such as these in all metro areas around the nation.

And if you have a huge budget, want a theme, attraction (speaker, etc.), onsite staffing, etc., one of these health fair planning companies might be the right fit for you.

Not to mention, HFC does not consider these health fair companies as direct competition (more like indirect). The biggest competition for HFC is the ignorance of the market - people just don't know about us yet.

Either way, the point is you have plenty of options that provide the assistance to host a health fair - either with a 3rd-party or HFC' health fair planning platform. If you're still on the fence, check out this article from Motley Fool: Does Your Company Host Health Fairs? They Should.

Please feel free to share this post or leave any comments or suggestions.

Thanks for reading!


More About Health Fair Connections (HFC):

Simply put, we offer the only nationwide health fair planning tool that helps HR and benefits professionals automate 95% of the health fair planning process. The coolest part: it's like online shopping for health fair vendors. This tool is completely free to use, and you can get started at any time by clicking here.

  • Tim Sackett's (President of HRU Tech) post about HFC: Click Here
  • 19 Competitive Advantages for those who use HFC’s Platform to Plan & Organize Health Fairs: Click Here
  • HFC made William Tincup's Recruiting Daily List of 100 HR Technologies worth watching: Click Here

  • HFC's Competitive Matrix:

Link to large PDF of Competitive Matrix.

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