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Posted on Saturday February 29 2020

This blog post covers Liberty Mutual success stories, lead generation opportunities with employers, top markets available for agents, a success formula, information on the unlimited events package, FAQs, and more. Regional managers: there is a section below dedicated to team membership plans.

Meet Thousands Inside Local Employers.

Liberty Mutual Agents: Health Fair Connections (HFC) is the gateway for you to meet populations inside local employers at health, wellness, and benefit events.

Health Fair Connections (HFC) is a platform that connects employers with their local vendors (health, wellness, fitness, financial) via onsite employee health fairs.

These events (will refer to health fairs as “events” going forward) are held onsite at employers in conference rooms, gyms, theaters, and other locations large enough for employees to shake hands and interact with their local vendors (or exhibitors).

Your colleagues already are.

"HFC has allowed me to get my name out to local employers and grow my business by connecting with people I wouldn’t normally see. HFC has really helped me expand my clientele. Therefore, I would highly recommend HFC's Premium Membership for making relationships and gaining more business." - Michael Bunn.

Here are just a few Liberty Mutual Agents currently taking advantage of HFC:

  1. Michael Bunn - Raleigh, NC | 58 corporate events. 4.7 star review
  2. Stuart Pirrung - Charlotte, NC | 35 corporate events. 4.7 star review
  3. Ella Ford / Laura Mansour - Atlanta, GA | 33 corporate events. 4.6 star review

Click the blue hyperlinks to check out their profiles, see their results, and to get an idea of what they are doing to successfully access these employer groups.

You can have similar results to these agents.

Have access to over 1000 employers.

In 2019, HFC listed 941 corporate events on the platform.

These are employers from the Fortune 1000, such as Amazon, LA Dodgers, Guggenheim Partners, Honeywell, Canon, and a great many more!

For 2020 - HFC is expected to exceed 1400 events.

These events are typically with employers that range anywhere from 100 to 2000 onsite employees.

Nearly 14,000 exhibitors took advantage of these opportunities with local employers across America in 2019, yet there are only a handful of Liberty Mutual Agents currently using HFC.

You’re most likely missing out on opportunities near you to meet thousands of potential new customers inside employers groups. How would you like to get in front of thousands of more lives in 2020?

Lock down your market(s).

Note: Over 20 markets are already taken and not listed below.

Here are the top 25 available markets on HFC that currently don’t have Liberty Mutual Agents:

Top 25 Available Markets

  1. Chicago, IL | Events ~ Exhibitors
  2. Los Angeles, CA | Events ~ Exhibitors
  3. Washington, DC | Events ~ Exhibitors
  4. San Jose, CA | Events ~ Exhibitors
  5. Trenton-Princeton, NJ | Events ~ Exhibitors
  6. New York City, NY | Events ~ Exhibitors
  7. Cincinnati, OH | Events ~ Exhibitors
  8. Boston, MA | Events ~ Exhibitors
  9. Austin, TX | Events ~ Exhibitors
  10. Minneapolis, MN | Events ~ Exhibitors
  11. St. Louis, MO | Events ~ Exhibitors
  12. Kansas City, MO | Events ~ Exhibitors
  13. Detroit, MI | Events ~ Exhibitors
  14. Baltimore, MD | Events ~ Exhibitors
  15. Ann Arbor, MI | Events ~ Exhibitors
  16. Milwaukee, WI | Events ~ Exhibitors
  17. Seattle, WA | Events ~ Exhibitors
  18. Indianapolis, IN | Events ~ Exhibitors
  19. Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA | Events ~ Exhibitors
  20. Louisville, KY | Events ~ Exhibitors
  21. Pittsburgh, PA | Events ~ Exhibitors
  22. Oklahoma City, OK | Events ~ Exhibitors
  23. San-Antonio, TX | Events ~ Exhibitors
  24. Columbus, OH | Events ~ Exhibitors
  25. Sacramento, CA | Events ~ Exhibitors

Here is a complete list of the additional markets that are currently available: Markets for Liberty Mutual Agents. Scroll down to see the markets that have been taken as well.

If you see your market available, know that you could be meeting thousands on an annual basis inside of employer groups. HFC has a proven success formula for Liberty Mutual Agents that helps you be successful in gaining access to these employers.

If you cannot find your market - HFC has advanced search features for premium members on the main events page.

HFC has many employers in rural areas that are always seeking more vendors for events, as they have few local vendor options compared to employers in metro areas (boxing, swimming, yoga, smoothie, specialty clinics, etc.). These types of events on HFC are prime opportunities for Liberty Mutual Agents.

In case you’re unaware, HFC lists more and more health fairs in a particular city year over year. Meaning, new areas for us can start slow, then compound overtime. Check out How Your Area Will Look 18 Months From Now). For example, Chicago has had 116 past events over the last 3 years on HFC, while Sacramento is a new market for us in 2019 and had only had 9 events. Regardless, both are great markets to be in if you’re a Liberty Mutual Agent.

Even if you only participated in one health fair, the package is still worth the price. However, folks have waited until there was an abundance of events in their area, and are now kicking themselves, as it will be hard for them to catch up to the vendors who started early. Check out the Sad Story of Chiropractor X.

Use HFC’s proven success formula.

Liberty Mutual Agents: If you struggle to get into employer groups, HFC is the solution you’ve been seeking.

As mentioned above, corporate events are essentially health, wellness, and benefits fairs which sometimes leads to Liberty Mutual Agents getting passed over because the employer feels they aren’t “health or wellness related.”

As you may know, HR managers and benefits pros who organize these events are looking for the latest trendy wellness vendors (i.e. Title Boxing, HelloFresh, and etc.).

Due to this, HFC made efforts to figure out a success formula for Liberty Mutual Agents that would get them accepted into more events and keep them from being passed over. This all started when Stuart Pirrung, from Charlotte, NC called me and said that he had been passed over for several health fairs. Stuart was frustrated and wanted to know how to turn things around.

Here’s what I told Stuart:

  1. Purchase a premium membership (aka unlimited events package)

  2. Upload an interactive, event-booth photo on your event application (ie. drunk-driving-goggle experience or mini putting green)

  3. List a fitness-related raffle prize on your event application

  4. Use the second-chance message if denied or passed over for an event


This success formula is super easy to implement and is proven to yield results! Stuart has now attended 35 corporate events!

After the phone call with Stuart, I decided to write a blog post so that I could share with others who may have had trouble: 5 Tips that led Stuart from Liberty Mutual to get accepted into 8 health fairs…

Since then, we’ve made a few small tweaks and released new features on the platform that Liberty Mutual Agents can use to their benefit (which means even stronger results).

 And, to make this formula easy for you to execute, an HFC admin will actually upload an interactive photo for you (unless you already have one) and list a health/fitness related raffle. They’ll do this for each account to save you all a step. Meaning, HFC will do the heavy lifting for you on the admin side. This makes it easier for you and your colleagues to stick to this formula and have success gaining access to employer groups.

Laura Mansor followed this formula and here’s a blog post I wrote about her results. Laura from Liberty Mutual's Story... ZERO to TEN Events in Seven Months.

To see if this would work for other “non-trendy” wellness vendors (i.e. workplace banking), I shared the formula with Tyree Fleming from PNC Workplace Banking. It worked for him as well. You can also check out this blog post I wrote about his success: 2 to 15 Events.

Here are a few more non-trendy health fair exhibitors outside Liberty Mutual who have followed the formula:

My point: HFC’s formula works and there are opportunities with employers in your area that you're missing out on.

So, how can you take advantage of all the events in your area?

Purchase an unlimited events package or get the business development manager to purchase a team plan for the agents in your region (which will allow you to be covered as well).

Secure your Unlimited Events Package.

aka HFC’s Premium Membership

HFC has a premium membership, which includes the unlimited events package.

It fully covers you for 12 months and there are no fees or charges outside the one-time price (which is pennies in comparison to the value it delivers).

HFC guarantees each agent at least 5 events on an annual basis for their metro area. The premium membership allows you and your colleagues to apply to corporate events with one click of the mouse, as HFC pre-fills out applications for you. This feature streamlines the experience and quickly gets you on the interested list for events.

Laura (mentioned above) was able to attend over 15 corporate events in less than a year’s time for a meager total of $349 (more on pricing below). She was able to meet thousands for this nominal price.

15 of these... for a grand total of $349. You're not going to find this anywhere else.


The premium membership helps you...

  • Find more events at employers (health fairs)
  • Get accepted into more events at a quicker rate, on and off HFC's platform
  • Directly communicate with health fair organizers and HR managers (no-middle man)
  • Convert more employees per event into customers
  • Establish relationships with employers
  • Save a substantial amount of money (without the package, it’s $149 per health fair booth on HFC)

Additional Perks

As mentioned above, an HFC team member will set up and polish your account when you purchase a premium membership. This additional perk is one of many other perks and features you receive with a premium membership. (direct communication with employers).

There are 15 Premium features included. A few of the notable features are:

  • One-click event applications
  • Top directory placement
  • Direct messaging with event organizers (you have a message button basic members do not)

We have mentioned “one-click application” a few times in this post, so as you may have guessed, you have to apply to events and then get accepted to attend by the company hosting the health fair. How-it-works.

HFC gives employers total control as to which vendors they would like to have in their events. It’s the only way the model works.

However, with the one-click application, we make the application process a breeze. And, right after you apply, you’re able to send a direct message to the organizer thanking them in advance for their consideration and providing them with more information.

The direct communication feature alone is worth the membership price IF used correctly. HFC has eliminated the middle man that you’ll experience with other event planning companies.

In addition to the message button, a huge benefit to premium members is that they are featured at the top of the exhibitor directory for their area(s).

For example, Preeya Mistry is at the #2 Spot in Houston’s Exhibitor Directory  (because she didn’t wait to secure her membership)

Also, premium members have an invite button in the directory (basic members do not) Vendors invited from the directory via the invite button are able to skip applying to events and directly register for the health fair.

Wouldn’t you like a top spot in your local exhibitor directory that employers browse to find vendors? Get your premium membership today. After all, it’s risk-free.

Risk-Free, Event Guarantee

HFC looks after it’s premium members by guaranteeing them results!

If you haven’t attended at least five (5) corporate events within a 12-month period of time, HFC will extend your membership until you do.

HFC did just this with Preeya Mistry.

Preeya is now at the #2 spot in the Houston Exhibitor Directory and her results will compound in 2020 as organizers will invite her to many events via the blue invite button on her premium listing.


What’s the price of the premium membership?

HFC premium memberships are nearly the price other event planning companies charge for one booth in an event.

Again, our packages are priced around the cost of what a single booth purchase used to be ($349) when we sold booths for events. HFC loses revenue by selling premium memberships, but we gain more employers by populating our vendor directories with more and more vendors in the area.

For example, check out Atlanta's Vendor Directory.

We share the directory with employers in Atlanta to show them all the exhibitors they have access to and that this is one of many reasons they should list their events on HFC.

Also, there is a seasonality to employee health fairs.

There’s essentially a spring and fall health fair season. A majority of events occur during the fall around open enrollment, flu shots, biometrics, and other initiatives. Check out the Seasonality of Health Fairs Blog Post.

So, if you wait to purchase a premium membership in-season (April-October), you’ll have to pay a higher price ($429-469).

The Alternative

If you chose not to purchase a premium membership, you’ll go through a bulky application process for each event and pay a-la-carte ($149-298 per event). You’ll be selected less frequently yet pay much more. You also won’t have access to premium features, which allow you to develop more intimate relationships with employers.

If you’re a Liberty Mutual Agent, having a premium membership (aka the unlimited health fair package) is a must.

Go Regional With A Team Plan

HelloFresh used HFC for 200 events in 2019.

HFC made it easy and stress-free by providing them with a team plan.

HelloFresh’s event manager could see everything that was going on with their reps in different areas which empowered him as a manager.

HFC can set up the same type of deal for Liberty Mutual and you guys can have similar results.

Before I go into that, here are just few others that have team plans to manage their corporate event opportunities.

As you can see, HFC delivers results.


If you’re a business development manager that oversees a region for Liberty Mutual, HFC can set you up with a team membership plan that will allow all your agents to be covered under the team umbrella. This means each agent will have an unlimited events package that comes with the premium membership, (in addition to HFC admin support). And, as mentioned, an HFC account manager will set up and polish all the accounts for each team member, setting all of you up for success in 2020!

Management dashboard.

As a manager, you’ll be able to have a birds-eye view of what’s going on with your agents in each market.

Inside your team section, you’ll be able to set their permissions (i.e. manager) and also be able to login to each account if you’d like to have complete oversight (what events are in their areas, their communication with employers, etc.).

You’ll also be able to invite more team members, if needed, via the invite section.


HFC will provide a GoToMeeting demo to each business development manager to go over how to use HFC and how to manage your team section. If you want a group demo, HFC is able to provide that as well.

The Next Steps Are Easy

How do I secure an individual membership?

If you’re interested in purchasing a package for your area, create an account and reserve your plan through the subscription page. You’ll see the standard team membership listed at $399. When you purchase the standard membership, HFC will refund you $50, taking it down to $349 (that’s the special HFC has for Liberty Mutual Agents). HFC can also send you an e-invoice via Wave as well. Once that invoice is satisfied, HFC will turn your basic membership into a premium membership.

How do I secure a team membership plan for my region?

If you’re interested in a team plan, please email me at kyle [at] healthfairconnetions [dot] com.

Let me know the region and how many metro areas that you would like to have covered. From there, I’ll send you an e-invoice. Once satisfied, I’ll set up your management account then set up each individual account and provide all parties with instructions on how to get started.

I’ll also reach out to set up a 30-minute GoToMeeting web demo with you.


#1. What does business or life look like with HFC?

In nearly the first seven months of her membership, Laura Mansour attended 10 corporate health fairs at neighboring employer groups. Within a year’s time, Laura’s team attended many more events and was in front of over 3,000 employees. As a result, her team gained many new customers due to the opportunity HFC has opened up for her and her team. Laura has spent less than $350 in total for 15+ corporate events in her first year (that’s it). You can have just as good of results by purchasing an HFC Premium Membership, which is risk-free.

Laura’s Story

#2. What is the value of doing business with HFC?

Gaining new customers and new corporate relationships (or, relationships with local employers).

HFC will get you in front of thousands of employed adults for next to nothing - which is much better than the internet or traditional forms of marketing. HFC will put you in the middle of the funnel to where you’re shaking hands with potential new customers. TV, radio, and internet are unable to do this for you!

HFC has also removed the middleman between you and local employers, allowing you to directly communicate with them before and after events. How would you like to reach out to the local contacts at employers, vs trying to find them on LinkedIn, only to pay to send messages to the wrong contacts?

#3. What exactly is HFC offering?

A premium membership, which includes the unlimited events package.

HFC is also offering team membership plans for managers who oversee regions.

Both include all premium features and unlimited corporate events for a 12-month period of time. The difference is the premium guarantees 5 events and the premium.

#4. Who are the other Liberty Mutual Agents using HFC:

Over 50 agents use HFC to date and that number is quickly increasing.

Check them out: Liberty Mutual Agents on HFC.

#5. Where are all the events?

I logged in and I only see a few events in my area.

Keep in mind, employer events or health fairs are seasonal.

As a rule of thumb, nearly 25% occur during the spring and roughly 45-50% occur during the fall. During the fall, events are coupled with flu shots, open enrollment, and biometric screenings.

Check out the blog post: Seasonality of Health Fairs

#6. How do I generate more leads per event?

Here are two blog posts that will help you out:

These are a good start. If you are still having trouble, feel free to reach out.


Check out what other professionals across the US are saying about HFC:

Banking Options

“I normally would not be able to get in front of the appropriate contacts at local employers with a ‘cold call,’ but with HFC, I'm able to communicate with the correct HR/benefits contact inside these companies, as well as gain exposure and educate their employees about our products and services. HFC provides a way to get in the door with a variety of companies in your local market, giving you the opportunity to gain new clients. This is a great way for any organization to gain access to prospective clients. - Marianne L., BB&T.

Discount Membership Club

“HFC allows me to hold a captive audience inside local employers, giving me the opportunity to discuss special pricing/discounts for memberships. I highly recommend HFC for getting into local employers and selling new memberships to large populations of employees.” Bryon, BJs.

Credit Union

"HFC Events allow me to connect with employees to answer any questions and share financial tips and info the employees may not have known. I'm able to communicate face-to-face and explain the different options compared to what they presently have. These interactions lead to many new memberships through HFC. I highly recommend HFC." - Joyce. BrightStar Credit Union.

Health and Wellness Coach

"I am a corporate health coach that does group coaching with employees inside local employers. At HFC Events, my goal is to meet the HR team and HFC allows me to do just this. I'm able to add the employees and HR team that I meet to my database, making it easy to reach out after the health fairs and set up an appointment with the HR director or benefits person. HFC Events have been beneficial and I highly recommend them." - Wellness Five. Lisa.

Physical Therapy

"At HFC's health fairs, we're able to schedule physical-therapy appointments with employees in need of help. By going into employer groups and speaking with employees face-to-face, we can establish a relationship and make them aware of how accessible we are in relation to their workplace. If you're interested in finding more patients to help, I highly recommend HFC." - Jen. NCCFTP.

Sleep Disorders Information

"Employers have a need for their employees to be healthy and that begins with great sleep. HFC Events allow us to meet and educate a ton of potential clients, all in one place. Typically, people that attend health fairs are thinking about their health so these events are a great way to plant a seed that we are the practice to seek if having issues sleeping. We have found that people already know about there sleep issues, yet can be unaware or fearful about the process. HFC Events allows us to demystify the process. HFC has allowed us to gain many new patients and the events are great for brand recognition. I highly recommend HFC!" -Shawn, FusionSleep

Get started today! Many events are already on the books for 2020!


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